About Us

Let me tell you how Party Bucket’ started and were “Yelmia’s” our Koala in our logo, name came from. Yelmia got her name from a combination of my two daughter’s names, Yelena and Mianka. My daughters are my pride and joy. They are the reason I started Party Buckets supplier for various custom and personalized party packs; filled with quality sweets in the East Rand. As a stay at home mom, one can only do so much with your time every day. I desired to do something creative, fun and memorable… When Yelena, my eldest daughter turned one I struggled to get the perfect decorations and party items to make her first birthday special… and then “Party Buckets” was born. Parties are meant to be fun and memories are to be made! I created affordable custom designed party packs filled with quality sweets that children will love and one less thing mothers have to worry about. I have been making Party Buckets for 6 years and felt the need to do more for my clients. Party Buckets wants their clients to have a wide variety to choose from. Party Buckets now have hand-made custom designed bags. Which range from: Tutu’s, Boy-Pants, Handbags, Back Packs and much more. These bags are made from quality material and can be used as carry bags long after the party is over. These bags are filled with quality sweet example; Nestle Smarties, Simba Niknaks, gummy dummies etc. The fun does not stop there!!!
My motto is: “Plenty to choose from”.

Party Buckets is also a supplier of colour powders for colour festivals, fundraising and big events.

Need I say more than “Colour powders for, colour festivals truly is fun with loads of colour." Create memorable moments with your family, friends and children using Party Buckets 100g Colour Powder. Another great colourful idea with colour powders is: Family photoshoots with a fun colourful twist. Let Party Buckets supplier of colour powders for colour events help you create lifetime memories’ for your family in your family portraits.Have everybody wear white while playing with our colour powder and let the photographer do the rest. Who said you can’t play with sand in your home? In 2018 Party Buckets became the region reseller for Sand Art in Brakpan in the East Rand, which is a remarkable blessing. Sand Art allows you to create colorful pictures using colour sand on sticker card. I came across Sand Art on holiday in 2017. Seeing the children play with the Sand Art had a calming effect on them and they were drawn to it. This fascinated me and I made the decision that Sand Art had to be part of Party Buckets supplier of party packs and I became the region agent for Sand Art in the East Rand. Sand Art is:
  • Fun and creative;
  • educational and 
  • develops fine motor skills.
Sand Art is available in single packs for your own children and Home kits for birthday parties filled with everything you need to make your child’s party exceptionally fun.  Party Bucket is passionate about children and birthday parties so let Party Buckets assist you in making fun memories for your child's party.

Do you want to make your child’s party filled with memorable moments? Contact Magda of Party Buckets: 073 327 0795 or click here to contact Party Buckets.